our Management

Jakob Gajadhar

Jakob Gajadhar, founder of Synergistix Allied Health migrated to Australia in January 2013. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Jakob graduated as a pharmacist in 2002 and has always had a passion for alternative approaches to therapeutic care. Jakob also undertook post graduate studies at Griffith University, Queensland and successfully completed his Master of Medical Research and Master of Public Health. He is an entrepreneur and owns several businesses in Australia and overseas. He continues to follow his passion whilst still honouring his oath as a member of the healthcare team to use his knowledge and expertise to provide the best care options for patients/clients he’s interacted with. In May 2018 he founded Synergistix Allied Health with the hope to grow this passion, the theme of the company “Work Together, Grow Together”. Jakob and his team members all share similar visions and, on their paths, to provide services that would improve the lives of many.

Dr- Feroza Arshad

Dr. Feroza Arshad, Health Services Manager at Synergistix Allied Health migrated to Australia in 2014, is a medical graduate from Ukraine. After qualifying as a medical doctor in 2012, she moved back to her home country of Pakistan and worked as a Medical Administrator in a private hospital. She is also a graduate of Griffith University and successfully completed her Master of International Public Health. Feroza’s passion is exploring different dynamics of health care provision.