Do you want to keep away from getting infected with corona virus? I believe everyone does. Corona virus widely known as COVID-19, attacks lungs of its host, causing blockage of respiratory system and hence making it difficult to breath. This virus is easily transmitted from person to person, through direct contact, as well as through non physical means. Global medical community is sailing to develop a vaccine and discover therapies that might help treat corona virus.

Elder people and those who have weak immunity systems are most affected. Corona virus is also targeting those rapidly, who are already fighting any kind of severe disease. Right now, there’s no pill or shot you can take to shield you from getting the corona virus, and you just have to rely on suggestions provided by health authorities in your country.

Many non-profit medical organizations are also working on ways to reduce the impact of this pandemic and suggesting ways to protect you from corona virus.

The best suggestions so far for containing the virus are: Social distancing, covering your face especially mouth and nose since virus can easily enter your body through these channels, and maintaining distance from other while you are out in public.

I would like to add a few extra guidelines to those large strokes, which could help you, perform everyday necessity of going to the store, in eating places, malls, hair salons and the fitness center.

1.    Don’t let your guard down

According to W.H.O official figures, confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world have crossed 16 Million, and more than 600 Thousand have died. After current declining rate in reported cases and deaths, world now fears a second wave of outbreak since leaders and governments around the globe are opting to open public places, businesses, and educational institutes.

Corona Virus pandemic is ongoing and, knowing the fact that it’s going to stay with us until a vaccine could be developed and made available  in markets for public use, we must sstay alert and avoid putting ourselves and others at risk especially when lockdown has ended and we are heading back to our normal lives.

2.    Face mask in public places…That’s a must

Wearing a face mask when going out in public was strictly voluntary till now. We need to make sure to adopt this practice in future as well since health authorities spur it as voluntary practice in areas where there is lower chance of maintaining social distance and also in areas where higher transmission rates are recorded. Whether medical or non medical or even made by at home, face masks and coverings are highly recommended to keep everyone safe from corona virus.

 Using face mask is mandatory in some cities if you are going out to places like Doctor’s office or clinic, grocery stores, and while using any form public transport but it is not necessary if you are riding alone in your car or taking a walk where observing six feet distance from others is relatively easy. Let’s not take any chances and keep face mask handy as prevention is always better than cure.

3.    Shopping as a source of entertainment

What is the whole point of all the social distancing efforts that you make? Of course, to keep you from transmitting corona virus to others, or getting it yourself. Yes, staying at home sounds very boring, but don’t forget the long list of COVID-19 symptoms you may have to face and weeks long time to recover from it.

 Shopping is one thing that everyone loves and it cannot be denied that you need items of basic needs even if you have to stay at your homes. So make a list of what you need beforehand. Get what you want, and get out as quickly as possible. Limit your exposure to others and stop entertaining yourself doing shopping jumping aisle after aisle. Stop at once.

4.    Why not use your knees, feet, elbows and knuckles instead of fingertips

Are you still using your fingertips for pressing buttons in lifts, or on cash machines, or for walks signs? Stop doing that.

Practice using your other body parts for everyday tasks, since you hands is very likely to get virus on them if you are not cautious. You can use your hips, shoulder, or foot to push open doors. I prefer covering my hands with sleeves of my sweat shirt or sweater before pulling any doors open. It’s easy enough to throw your clothes in washer once you get back home, of course corona virus free. A pack of pocket tissues might come in handy in situations where you need to pull open doors or drawers at places like offices.

Small gadgets are now available in market which you can use for pressing buttons on cash machines or in lifts. Look for them next time when you go out for grocery shopping.

Try to learn simple ways of protecting yourself from corona virus than exposing your skin to it. Especially, when there are chances of touching food or your face with your hands, which usually cannot be avoided all the time, it’s better to keep them in your pocket.

5.    Enforce social distancing even if others don’t

You may have already run into people who are negligent and not paying any heed to importance of social distancing. It’s okay to feel bad or angered in situations like this, but be polite. Do not destroy your own personality yelling at others. Social distancing is more associated with your own actions rather than others.

In places where you might have to wait in lines, it’s perfectly okay to say something like, ‘Oh! I am really trying to maintain proper distance for my own safety and yours as well’. Refraining yourself from seeing outside friends even your best pals, your very nearest and dearest family members whom you can never miss a chance to meet whenever you get one, is what social distancing requires. So, politely tell your friends and family to stay in their homes unless it is completely necessary to go out. And by the way, there’s a thing called “whatsapp”…

6.    Where’s your phone

Do you really need to hold your mobile phone in your hand even if you don’t intend to use it? I have seen people holding their phone in hand while they are just walking down the street, on standing in a bus, or smoking around the corner. Come on, if you are doing nothing important on your phone, stash it in your jacket pocket.

You don’t even notice how many times you put your phone on shared surfaces like the counter where you paid for your coffee or the bench where you sat for a while to munch on the sandwich you just bought from street vendor.

Act smart. Avoid putting your device on dirty surfaces to begin with. If you really need to put your phone down on shared surface,…well, please don’t. Just put it back in your pocket or your bag.

7.    Don’t sort through produce with your bare hands

As we are trying to co-exist with corona virus pandemic, how do you feel when you see someone poking through fresh tomatoes, looking for nice ones? Disgusted? Taken up by fear? Well whatever it is, you might get stares from other shoppers for dredging those lemons. Here’s a little advice: That feels embarrassing so don’t do it.

Use a glove when sorting through fresh food. Don’t have gloves? Not a big deal, just grab one of those store-supplied bags which you find hanging by the display counters and use them as gloves. This way, you can inspect every item without touching it with your bare hands. Try to comfort others with your presence instead of making them irritated. After all, they are also out there facing the same threat as you.

  • Touching is not an option

The best tip to stay safe from corona virus is to limit your social interactions, but it is equally hard to avoid getting in people’s vicinity as lock down is getting minimal. After staying in your home for long periods of time, loneliness factor kicks in and you feel this utmost desire to see your friends. Deciding to see others that you know is easy but remember to resist the urge to hug, and greet others from anywhere six feet away from you. Use gestures as often as you can.

9.    Don’t feel awkward

During corona virus, word experienced highest ever online sales. Everyone is trying to avoid going out to public places and one of the best ways to keep your distance is buying whatever you need online. You should embrace the awkwardness of staying behind closed doors and asking delivery guys to leave the package on your doorsteps instead of actually going out there and receiving you parcels by hands. For example, if you happen to be outside, don’t feel that its rude to ask the mail guy to avoid coming too close for taking your signatures. I am sure that delivery persons are also aware of the current corona virus pandemic situation and they also know that its important for them as well to maintain six feet distance.

Please don’t forget to say a warm thank you in loud voice so they can hear it. Appreciation is all they need for serving you while putting their lives at risk.

10. Wash your hands every time you get ‘home’

One of your best defenses against corona virus is washing your hands thoroughly. I tried scrubbing my hands for twenty seconds as per recommendation by W.H.O. and felt like it will take ages to wash my hands, but if you try to do it slowly you may succeed. Bottom line is, you must make it habit whenever you get back home. It is more important if you have just came back home after visiting a public place like a park near your house or a barber’s shop. Think of those benches in the park or armrests of the chair you sat in for haircut. And believe me you will never forget to wash your hands ever again. Always try to wash that water faucet and soap dispenser pump since others in your house also use them, and ask others to do the same for you.

  1. Don’t neglect your car

One of the things which I often notice that people don’t pay attention to is their car. Only reason of this negligence, to my understanding, is that you feel that its only you who is using your car. But, what if someone touched your car’s side mirror in an effort to style his or her hair and afterwards you came and adjusted the same mirror with your bare hand before leaving that parking lot? What if you just picked your car after getting it serviced?

 It doesn’t hurt to disinfect your car inside out, especially if it is a shared vehicle. Viruses can spread through objects and non physical contact as well. All your efforts against corona virus can go to waste if you don’t pay attention to matters like this.

12. Stop handling cash

It is believed that corona virus spreads vigorously through person-to-person contact. Despite trying everything to avoid direct contact with each other, there are still ways that it is not happening the way you think it is.

 We all know that shared surfaces can easily harbor and transmit corona virus. Have you ever tried to think of ways you might come in contact with others? Yes, you got it right. Cash or currency notes change thousands of hands before finally ending up in your palm. And since most of them are old and rough they carry a lot of bacteria and chances are that the one which just landed in your hand is already carrying corona virus. So put the cash aside for now and go contactless.

Many businesses are now refusing cash transactions for their employee’s safety and I think they are doing it right. It’s time that you also switch to online payment methods such Google Pay, PayPal, and so on. Credit cards with contactless service are also out there and remember, you can use knuckles for digital signatures. Let’s show some knuckles to this corona virus.