Mollii Therapy

What is mollii suit therapy?

The Mollii Suit is an assistive device that provides a non-invasive, low frequency electrostimulation via a two piece garment lined with electrodes.  The associated software progam enables specific muscles to be activated, stimulating or inhibiting muscles as required. The Mollii Suit provides holistic management, whereby the electrical stimulation switches off a busy brain, relaxes the person, facilitates homeostasis and provides energy throughout. This calmness helps the body discriminate sensory and motor sensitivities, resulting in improved coordination and a controlled response to whole body function. Mollii suit therapy is designed to be utilised in conjunction with exercise and other therapies.

is it for me?

Here at Synergistix we offer free trials of the Mollii Suit to determine if this therapy is for you. The suit is designed to relax spastic, tense and aching muscles safely, helping those with spasticity, motor impairment and chronic pain. Mollii therapy is non-invasive and can be beneficial for people with cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage, other diagnoses that lead to motor disabilities, or can be utilised by athletes to enhance performance and aid recovery. Therapy sessions run for a period of 60 mins

What can i expect from my first appointment?

During your initial consultation, our therapists will discuss your outcome goals of the therapy. They will then take you through a series of assessments before therapy. The wearer is then fitted with the suit and an accompanying control unit which is programmed to the specific needs of the individual. The assessments will again be performed at the end of the session to gauge the initial effect. Programming is individualised, targeting specific muscle groups or sites of pain. The benefit of a 60-minute treatment can last for up to 48 hours, and the best results are seen with continued, regular use.

How do i access Molli Therapy

Mollii Suit therapy is fully funded for NDIS recipients (in accordance with individual plans). We offer both in clinic sessions, and at home therapy through suit rental or purchase.